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LG Relay

The LG Trail Relay offers a thrilling team running experience, where 2 to 8 participants can join forces to conquer a 110 km course. This remarkable journey starts in Lausanne and finishes in Geneva, taking runners through diverse and breathtaking landscapes. 

The route features sections along serene lake shores, challenging steep climbs in the Jura massif, and high-altitude crests offering spectacular Alpine views. The course then descends into the picturesque plains of the Geneva countryside. With relay zones strategically placed for team transitions, this event promises an unforgettable adventure that combines endurance, strategy, and the beauty of the Swiss landscape.

Start date

Start location

Registration status


Price, per team member

from 40

Total distance, km


Number of team members

2 - 8

Number of legs


Lap distance, km

from 8 to 19

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