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Ragnar Forest of Dean

!!! One of the most expected running relay races in the UK, Ragnar Forest of Dean is unfortunately cancelled in 2022

8 Friends. 3 Trails. 1 Billion Stars. Overnight. Camping. Trail Relay.

The UK's first Ragnar Trail race takes place in the Forest of Dean 10-11th June 2022.

Located in the stunning county of Gloucestershire, the Forest of Dean is an underrated part of the UK that's pretty magical (one of the Harry Potter films was filmed there!) and a big part of British history that's over 25,000 acres in size.

Okay, now imagine a sleepover in tents with up to seven of your best mates, three running loops that take you off the beaten track, where you get to step a little outside your comfort zone and become one with nature (watch out David Attenborough!). 

How it works

Teams of 4 or 8 run roughly 120 miles (194 km) – in three repeating loops that wind through the forest. You’ll run both day and night, and day again. When you’re not running you get to hang out in the Ragnar Village – home to the start and finish of each loop and where you’ll camp for two nights.

Take it on

Each teammate completes each race loop once – green, yellow and red, with breaks in between each run, for a total of 15-ish miles (24 km) per runner (or double for an ultra team of 4)

Team up

Round up 7 of your best mates, relatives or gym buddies and gear up for the outdoor adventure of a lifetime. Your only agenda: Run, camp, sleep?!, repeat!

Step up as a team captain. Register your team today!

Start date

Registration status


Price, per team member


Total distance, km


Number of team members

4 or 8

Number of legs


Lap distance, km

from 5 to 15

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