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Located around the largest lake in Central Europe, The NN Ultra Balaton is a grueling 210-kilometer ultra run. The race usually takes place in late April or May when the weather in Hungary seems perfect for running with the team.

Lake Balaton is a gorgeous freshwater lake in the middle of Hungary, and a popular tourist attraction for its natural beauty. You will run tirelessly through endless small villages and towns as you plough through this tiresome ultra marathon.

2024 will be the 18th anniversary of the race, and it promises to be a spectacular one. Countless runners from all around Europe will congregate to run the longest ultra race in Central Europe.

You can complete this race as a team or even as an individual, the choice is yours. It's going to be a challenging and mentally taxing race. But with all that said, it's going to be a day to remember.

It’s time to get the running shoes on.

Start date

Start location

Registration status


Price, per team member

from 38

Total distance, km


Number of team members

5 - 13

Number of legs


Lap distance, km

from 3 to 7

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