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Lofoten Ultra-Trail

This year Lofoten Ultra-Trail relay race is taking place as usual on week 22 – the very beginning of June, wonderful time to enjoy never-ending light of midnight sun inside the Arctic Circle.

Lofoten Ultra-Trail relay race in Norway is a great way to experience beautiful islands of Norwegian archipelago Lofoten, from west – with a start point in spectacular Kirkefjorden – to east, finishing in Svolvaer. There are 10 runners in a team, who will have to complete a well-marked course of 165 kilometers, with a total elevation of over 7000 meters. Ten relay stages vary in terms of length (from 9 to 22 kilometers) and flatness.

There is also the 80-kilometer long version of Lofoten Ultra-Trail relay race, which is going to be available: 10 runners in a team will cover the full distance in 10 stages (with a shorter range between 5 and 15 kilometers), finishing in the same place of Svolvaer.

More information and really stunning pictures are waiting for you in our blog.

Start date

Start location

Registration status


Price, per team member

from 133

Total distance, km


Number of team members


Number of legs


Lap distance, km

from 5 to 15

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