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  • Samuel Roberts

Lofoten Ultra-Trail in Norway: one of the most northern epic relay races

Welcome to the Lofoten Ultra-Trail relay!

This is the first-ever 100-mile relay to take place in Norway. A real piece of history, this race will take place on 4th June 2021 and will take place in the beautiful Lofoten Islands. These islands are world-renowned for their picturesque beauty.

Is there anything better than running through the world's most incredible scenery?

A 100-mile race is sure going to be a challenge, but the scenery is going to help you. The race takes place in the middle of the Nordic summer. That means there is no need for a headlight on this race, as the sunlight never ends in the summer. The climate during the summer is fresh, cool, and perfect for running. To make it even better, the air at Lofoten is some of the cleanest on the planet. Everything is working in your favor in this race.

The race will begin on Friday morning in Kirkefjorden, Moskenes. The scenery is

spectacular, with tall luscious mountains surrounding the starting line. There is an

incredible crystal glacial lake in the middle. You will need to get a short boat ride to the start line, and you might need your camera for this boat ride.

You will continue to run through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. You will run up and down mountains as you conquer this race. You will power through quaint villages, legendary bridges, snow terrain and farms.

The total positive ascent on the race is 7000 feet. That is demanding; you should

prepare for challenging trails. As the race comes to an end, prepare for some

breathtaking coastal trails along the beaches. You will continue up and down various mountains before finally making it to the end in Svolvær.

The organizers of the race are using a sustainability project. The project will help keep the area clean and will help to preserve nature. The initiative includes removable flags to avoid trash. An improvement in digital communication to remove the need for maps. The organizers have also cut the use of plastic. That is a significant move to protect the beautiful nature in this area.

In 2019 the winning team named Sambandsbataljonen won the race with an incredible time of 16:57:32. Especially considering this is a 100-mile race that has some challenging trails. Jordan Reader completed the singles race with a time of 25:24:19, a phenomenal time for a solo runner. It's safe to say; this course brings out some great performances.

If you're not fancying the 100-mile race, there is the option of the 50-mile race. That race starts the following day on 5th June and is an excellent alternative to the 100-mile race. The Lofoten Ultra-trail 100-mile relay promises to be a great day and a great excuse to get your running shoes on.

See you there.



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