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Ragnar Wattenmeer

Unfortunately NOT taking place after 2022.

Conquer the spectacular Wadden Sea in Nothern Germany on a running relay adventure! 

Teams of 10 (you and 9 other friends or family) will run relay style along the beautiful Elbe River. Starting in the historic city of Hamburg, you and your teammates will take turns running along the gorgeous dykes of the Elbe River. Rising above the landscape, the Elbe Dyke running path will give you a 360° view as you run through the picturesque countryside towns of Glückstadt, Brunsbüttel, Friedrichskoog, and Büsum. Along the course, the Elbe River becomes the Wadden Sea, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Runners will experience the beauty of the Wadden Sea first hand as they run through astounding biological diversity, fertile marshland, and a myriad of nature reserves. Sea breezes and endless horizons will beckon you and your team to the seaside finish line in relaxing beach town of St. Peter-Ording.

You and 9 teammates will pile into two vehicles and take turns running relay style along a 250(ish) kilometer route. Each teammate will run three “legs” with each leg ranging between 5 and 16 km and varying in difficulty. Each teammate will run between 20 to 35 km in total (depending on which set of legs they run). Almost anyone can become a Ragnarian, with a little bit of training.

Fancy more kilometers?
Sign up for the Ultra Division and run twice the kilometers with half the runners.

Want to learn a bit more about this epic relay race?

Check out our blog article with more information and great pictures to experience the mood of this race.

Start date

Start location

Registration status


Price, per team member


Total distance, km


Number of team members

5 or 10

Number of legs


Lap distance, km

from 5 to 16

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