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From Hamburg to the North Sea with Ragnar Wattenmeer relay race

Welcome to one of the most beautiful races in Europe!

The Ragnar Wattenmeer is a breathtaking race that takes place alongside the picturesque Elbe River and is a runner's dream. The Ragnar Wattenmeer will take place on August 21st-22nd 2021, and remains an absolute must-do for all you running lovers. You and your team will have two days to complete 258km alongside some of Western Europe's finest scenery.

The race will begin on Saturday morning in the iconic German city of Hamburg. Your team will start the race by running directly through the historic architecture of Hamburg, and then your team will take turns as you run down the majestic Elbe River.

During the race, you will run through some of Germany's most charming country

towns such as Brunsbüttel, Glückstadt, Friedrichskoog, and Büsum. The running

path is elevated for much of the way and will give the runners awe-inspiring

360-degree views as they conquer the 258km.

The scenery doesn't falter during the race, it just gets better, with the highlight of the race running straight through the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is a World UNESCO heritage site and provides an eclectic range of wildlife, delightful views, and a crisp and refreshing breeze flowing from the North Sea. The open-air natural wonder of this ecosystem will be a relief as your team overcomes the long 258km race.

The race will continue through some of the most beautiful coastal towns in Europe before finishing in St. Peter-Ording, a quaint beach town that even offers a chance for a swim after the race. If you can brave the chilly North Sea temperature, of course.

An incredible 150 teams from all over Europe and the USA registered for the race in 2019. That contributed to a fantastic atmosphere, and this time it promises to be even greater. The performance of the teams during the previous races was

phenomenal, with the winning team in 2018 named Westcoast Runner finishing with a magnificent time of 17:48:00. That is 4.16 per km, a highly impressive feat. The Reebok Ragnar Running Club Central won the 2019 race with an equally impressive time of 19:08:14.

The standard price for a ten-person team is €1100 if purchased before February, 1st

2021. The price increases to €1200 after this date and increases again to €1300 after June 1st, 2021. The closing date for registration is July 31st, 2021.

There is an option of a five-person team; you will pay €600 before February 1st, 2021, increasing to €700 after June 1st, 2021. That is a great option, and you will be paired with another team of five to make a team of ten runners. So if you can't find ten running friends that are up for the challenge, this is a perfect option for you.

The Ragnar Wattenmeer is an amazing relay race. As runners get back to racing after a frustrating 2020 of canceled races, this race offers a superb opportunity to lace up those running shoes, hit the road, and train for what promises to be another incredible race. We will see you all there.

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