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5 inspiring videos of epic relay races you might have missed in 2022

Feeling lack of motivation before the start of another training session? We've been there, too. Or do you just want to check what it looks like, an epic relay race in Europe? So let's together recap the best moments of several epic relay races which have already been completed in 2022!

Vltava Run opens the list showing the beauty of Czechia along the 360-km course of the relay race:

The shortest yet still pretty challenging participant of the article is Brixen Dolomitien Marathon which lets you enjoy incredible views of the Italian Alps while running:

Running adventure around Lake Balaton in Hungary Ultrabalaton is coming up next:

Mozart 100 epic relay race is the event where you and your team can discover scenic Austrian landscapes and complete the full course starting and finishing in the hometown of the famous composer:

And we are back in Czechia at the end. Run Labe Run is another epic relay race with a distance of over 300 kilometers, full of fun and team spirit:

Although these races will only take place in 2023 next time (and registration is already open for a few of them!), you are still more than welcome to find your epic relay challenge in 2022 on our Homepage. See you there!

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