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Vltava Run 2020: a Czech epic relay race along the Vltava River

Despite all the difficulties that the year 2020 has brought, the 7th edition of the famous Vltava Run relay in Czechia nonetheless took place in the second half of September. That's what some Vltava Run runners told us about the experience they got during the two days of this epic relay race.

Gabriela Hejrova (Instagram: gabule)

One weekend➡️360 km➡️ 36 segments ➡️ 12 Amazon’s gym girls ➡️ one team ➡️ 3 runs ➡️ night, day, rain, sun ➡️ memorable experience ➡️ new friends ➡️ free energy ➡️ clear your mind

Our team @amazons_gym competed for the third time and I was happy to be part of it. We are a bunch of girls who meet in the gym and we love to accept the challenges. One of these challenges was relay run @vltavarun to which we fell in love so much that we want to participate each year and finally be runners-up or better yet winners. ⬅️➡️ ALL YOU WANT is to RUN ‼️

Xeniya Yermolenko (Instagram: yermolex)

Due to a large number of canceled running events, we kept silent about this race until the last moment, so we published the first post on social media only after the start of the first teammate. This was a race of extraordinary beauty, where we experienced so many things: intervals where we showed our best and worst time, intervals where we could only move on our fours and then fly down.

It was very difficult, but none of us regretted participating in the relay. We were going to start as a team of 9 runners, but the day before the race we were only 8 people. Therefore, the difficulty level increased for four runners in our team.

During the night intervals, the joints of one of our teammates were not in the best condition, and we urgently had to change the order of the runners again. It is exactly a good team that can find a way out of such non-standard situations. Having packed half of our apartment into the car for two days of the race, in the end, we used everything we had brought with us.

Feeling nervous before the start during the race preparation, planning meals on a distance, collecting the necessary equipment – and only the race itself showed all the weak spots.

Nevertheless, this was the most beautiful and the most difficult start so far.

Edward Knowles (Instagram: oldrownrunning)

We are a running club based in Prague.

We recently ran the Vltava Run and loved it. 

Isn't it inspiring?!

We truly believe that the next year will bring all of us even more opportunities to experience this joy of teamwork and pure running emotions safely.

Take care and browse this and the other epic relay races on our Homepage and you will find more ideas about the upcoming running adventures.

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