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7 reasons why you should take part in an epic relay race

1. Take a chance to bond with your team

Most probably you’ll go through lots of fun, tears, comments of support, conversations, cheering – so that is definitely a perfect opportunity to feel what this famous team spirit is all about. Besides, you can express your creativity designing team running gear or decorating your team van.

2. Collect tons of unforgettable moments

A start of your first lap, giving and feeling support on the run, sharing a van or a car or meal with your running crew, and – finally – crossing the finish line together – a relay race will let you experience tons of the moments you will keep in your memory for a very long time. And be ready for a boost of likes in your social media accounts after posting pictures on the run.

Capturing the Run Mate relay moments

3. Experience what you’ve never experienced before

Well, for the absolute majority of the runners who will take part in a long relay race it’s going to be the longest running race they have ever participated. The course length and the time spent inside of the race is definitely incomparable to most of the other – individual – races. Besides, if you’ve never taken part in a team relay, it’s going to open you the whole other side of running world.

4. Don’t worry much about getting ready for a relay race

For most of the relays you don’t need to be an ultrarunner or a professional athlete. In order to complete several laps with manageable length, you can customize your own distance and choose whatever suits you best.

5. Inspire and be inspired by other runners

You will share the relay distance not only with your team, but many other teams as well. Looking at how your leg neighbors fight with the distance, you would be able to share their feelings on the run. And so would they, finding inspiration in you!

6. Explore new places in a way you would never see them

Firstly, you will definitely see some spots you have never thought of visiting. Secondly, it will be so not similar to classic travel tours from the very beginning. And moreover, you will share your impression with your teammates, well, immediately.

Discover unique combination of running and travelling

7. Get to know yourself better

Being inside of a race the whole day, spending so much time with your teammates, overcoming your fears while running in the dark – after the finish you will know that your limits are way too far from what you thought about them before.

If these reasons convinced you to consider participation, you know where to find a list of these epic relay races.

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