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Od Tatier k Dunaju - an epic relay race, full of emotions

At the end of May, we have published a post about one of the longest relay races presented on our website - Tatras to Danube. And on 15-16 August 2020, this epic 345-km relay race finally took place.

The whole weekend of the race we were following participants of this adventure in social media channels. We were so inspired by their stories and photos that we decided to ask several runners right after the relay to share their emotions and feelings.

And here we go:

Lucia Gondášová (Instagram: lucypucy17)

This was my first participation in a relay race ever. I am really glad that I could be a part of this race, it was a very pleasant experience. At the beginning it was quite a big challenge, I was worried if I could do it, but my fear wasn't necessary.

Our team had 12 members - 6 men and 6 women. We ran 345 km altogether from Tatras to Bratislava. Each member ran 3 times, each time about 10 km.

It wasn't very hard to run the first stage as we were all fresh and enthusiastic. We ran the second stage during the night which was quite interesting because we had to use headlamps and the third stage was a big challenge for everyone.

Not enough sleep and exhaustion really signed on us, but we all joined forces and in the end, our team won second place in mix relays.

I definitely recommend all of you to try this race, it is something new, different, and unforgettable.

Lenka Chalupková Gernátová (Instagram: lenka.gernatova)

This year I decided to try out a relay race called Tatras to Danube (345km). Our team consisted of 14 amazing people - 12 runners and 2 drivers.

Every one of us ran approximately 30km and it took us 31 hours. It was a great experience, sometimes a bit rough and scary (when we had to run in the night alone).

But we had a lot of fun with our teammates and I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to participate because those memories will last a lifetime.

Ivana Čepčeková (Instagram:

Amazing relay running adventure in Slovakia! It’s about a team of runners, about two team’s cars. It’s about your endurance and strength, this 345 km long relay running from Tatras to Bratislava with nature, forests, hills, and towns on the way.

Your team can be composed of 12 runners or 6 runners. Sure, you can run alone if you have enough power for a 345 km run. If your team has 12 members, you are running 3x10 km. If your team consists of 6 runners, everybody is running 3x20 km. 

It’s a non-stop relay about human endurance and good timing of the exchange of individual runners from your team. It is an unforgettable adventure. Just try it!

Feeling inspired and motivated, hah?

Browse this and the other epic relay races on our Homepage and you will find more ideas about the upcoming running adventures.



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