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Run Mate: a relay race that crosses borders

Hello from beautiful Switzerland! Oh, wait, and from wonderful France as well.

Yeah, both these countries will be happy to greet you and your team along the course of Run Mate relay race which will be held during the last weekend of September 2020 for the second time in its history.

The route in grapes

Crossing the start line in Pully, Switzerland, on September, 26th, your team will have two days, one night and 29 relay stages to complete the whole distance of 213 kilometers. The teams of 2-5 runners (Ultra category) or 6-9 runners (regular category) will follow the waymarked, secure course along Lake Geneva in Switzerland, then in France, and again in Switzerland – to come back to Pully. The relay organizers invite runners at any level, from beginners to experienced, offering relay legs from 3 to 13 kilometers.

Last year’s first edition of the relay race brought 180 teams and 200 volunteers to the distance of Run Mate, so that debut can be considered as very successful. Run Mate 2020 also assumes the exchange of teammates at the relay points, while the rest of the team will drive by car or van to the following stage. 28 exchanges, one stunning sunset and one amazing sunrise, 2 countries, several non-race challenges, tons of fun and team support – and you’ll find yourself chilling at a post-race party after crossing the finish line.

Scenic view of Lake Geneva

In terms of final standings, it’s impressive to see that the course record was set by one of Ultra teams (with a max of 5 teammates!) – “Les oranges mécaniques”. They managed to complete the distance with an average pace below 4:25/km, resulting in remarkable 15 hours and 30 minutes for one huge circle around Lake Geneva.

The same big loop was completed in 16 hours and 39 minutes (average pace of 4:41) by the fastest team of 6-9 runners – Les tigres du 27.

At the finish line of Run Mate

Do you and your team want to try to beat these records at the second edition of this running challenge? Or do you plan just to have fun and share unforgettable moments with your team, enjoying breathtaking views of Lake Geneva? Doesn’t matter – Run Mate invites you all!

Discover the views and feel the spirit of Run Mate 2019 in the official video:

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